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Leather jackets for men and women – some differences

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Most men do not have the slightest idea how to choose the right leather jacket. They are not aware of the numerous factors that must be taken into account when the correct coat selected. Leather jackets are very versatile – they can be used for casual or casual dress, as well as work best as part of the Office of the wardrobe. However, whichever jacket you want, you need to make picking a design flatters your body type and fit you well.

For several decades, leather jackets are adding a unique style of men’s fashion. They can give someone a versatile, timeless and cool look that is suitable for work and for fun. The appearance of these jackets offer the range from the rugged and the courage stylish and elegant. Style aside, they are very functional, because they promise high quality and durability.

Leather jackets for men are different from women designed in many ways and it is important to know the differences between them. Some of the key features that highlight the fundamental differences between the jacket include men and women in their sizes, buttons, zippers, and colors.

Size is one of the most striking differences between men and women’s clothing. They are designed for men are longer and larger as compared to those of women. Design of the waist section is higher in women and is more space in the chest area. Another difference that has not been noticed by many people is the position buttons and zippers. Leather jackets, men tend to it on the right side, while it is designed for women on the left.

The color is also one of the main differences. Colors tend to prefer men are black and brown, while women have different options to use, such as purple, red, white, orange and pink in addition to the traditional black, brown and gray. However, limits on grounds of color have been eliminated from today to fit the latest fashion trends.

Finally, the design of which is to distinguish between coats. There is variation in leather jackets based on the collars. Some of the gowns do not have collars and with the angular slashes while some may be single or double-breasted. Collars aside, adding design elements such as zigzags and stylish zipper arrangements may help to make or break the look of men’s jackets. However, because of the price range of these jackets is between $ 200-500, you might want to consider investing in an evergreen design will last for years.

India: Big Textile Outsourcing Hub

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Indian Textile Industry: An Overview

Textile industry provides one of the basic requirements of the Community and is owned by importance; to maintain the development of the continuous growth in the quality of life. delivering Raw materials of finished products, it must obtain it in a position themselves dependent on the industry and the significant added value addition at every stage of dealing; it is an essential contribution to the country’s economy.

Today, the textile and clothing industry engages an important role in the Indian economy. As the major source of foreign exchange, which is about 35% of its body, contribute to about 30% of India’s exports and 14% of industrial production, waiting over 6% of GDP in 2005, and it is considered the second largest employment sector of vital importance after the initiator in the agricultural sector.

This scenario

Textile Under the World Trade Organization (WTO) and the clothing, textile quota system of quantitative import within the constraints of multi-fiber arrangement (MFA) expired on top of 01 january 2005, developing countries such as India flourish in the new competitive atmosphere and as a result, the Indian textile industry is stronger place in both export and domestic markets.

All in one conventional yarn and fabrics, currently India is exporting to more than 100 garment product portfolio. Many of the world’s leading brands such as Banana Republic, Tommy Hilfiger, Gap, Liz Claibome, Polo, etc., sourcing products from India.

Huge investment, persistence, innovation, the latest range of products and planned marketing, today, India has come out as a thriving center for outsourcing in the textile and apparel industry to meet the global requirements of manufacturing and wire products. Given the rise rapport with major global brands, the dismantling of the quota system in 2005 when the era of hit India is the world’s largest outsourcing hub.

Competitive advantage and the potential growth of Synthetic Textiles Sector
Indian synthetic textiles sector is a relatively modern and has great growth potential, which will help India becoming a major outsourcing hub. With a compounded annual growth rate of more than 22% of exports of MMF textile stretched out the level of US $ 1.62 billion from 2002-03 small exports in 1954. The export growth in 2002-03 until the matches of the previous year was 30 per cent of the harmony, and the MMF textile sector is the only sector in which performance is to go beyond the objectives set out this year to US $ 115 million euros.

Indian synthetic textiles are becoming increasingly involved in the implementation of a new market to keep the market share in existing markets. Currently, India’s exports of synthetic textiles, targeting more than 175 countries around the world, where the share of the Middle East for more than 32 per cent of our exports and the share of highly quality-conscious European Union, about 23 per cent.

Over the years, the Indian MMF textile sector has built an export base; and the share of export of MMF textile exports throughout the Indian textile has been featured on the share moved up from 10.38% in 2000-01 is 11.46% in 2001-02 and by about 14% in 2002-03.

Currently, the Indian exports of synthetic fibers in the US will rise more than 90% per year. It is also observed that the increase in exports is striking after a large money market funds textile articles dismantling the quota system in 2005.

Further more, in Indonesia, Korean exports of synthetic textiles for turning down compared to the previous year. The production capacity is Korea has declined by more than 30% of polyester filament in the field in 2002 and in 2003, and is expected to begin to fall even more, which in turn ends down their export of PFF. Due to the anti-dumping duty is polyester filament fabrics from Taiwan and Korea, countries such as Brazil, gaining more opportunities in India there are a larger exporter of synthetic fabrics.

in the world, a synthetic textile trade accounted India also see increases. The export share of Indian synthetic textiles worldwide rose by 0.11% in 1971 to 1.12% in 1991 and around 3% in 2002. This suggests that the rising performance of Indian synthetic textile materials to the world market.

There is still a chance to explore new market segments such as Latin America and Africa all together to maintain the share of the mature markets, such as the European Union and the United States. At this point, the annual growth estimated at 15% for synthetic fibers and exports are expected to touch US $ 2.5 billion in 2005-05 and US $ 4.3 billion in 2009-10.

Why India is emerging as a major BPO Centre?

its exclusive return of the Indian textile industry is expected to rise the most important supplier in the world. Related encouraging aspects that contribute to the emergence of India as BPO central textiles, are as follows:

1. Low labor cost: The industry is oriented mainly in labor and automation has made a large number of process so inexpensive labor.

2. Low cost of raw materials: purchase of raw materials is due to lower India’s third-largest producer of cotton in the world.


A huge range of products: Due to the many ethnic fashion trends and cultural diversity, it offers a greater range of products.

4. Rising domestic textile market: There is a huge potential growth of the industry due to rising incomes and the middle class.

5. Bulky exports: the overseas market, India has been a well-established exporter of clothes.


Government of content: the textile industry is protected for consideration is the second largest creator of jobs that can operate for its support.


1. optimistic about the prospect: International clothing retailers are eager to dealing with India.
Indian textile outsourcing expands to buyers in the United States, Europe and Africa due to huge support from skilled, low-cost workers, and adequate access to raw materials in India. Cost reduction is successful supply chain management, it expects global retailer of software such as Wal-Mart, JC Penney, etc. In the past, JC Penney, an international clothes retailer had sent a team to India to investigate the textile industry development, and then to prove the benefits they are showing an interest in doubling the outsourcing after India multi-fiber agreement ends. And they are optimistic and expect growth of the Indian textile industry.

2. Innovative chance: Indian Fashion Industry marked signals outsourcing
Even when the IT and textiles, fashion Outsourcing India attracts international buyers like Saks Fifth Avenue and brown, expecting has plenty of exclusive Indian design, for which there are ready-made markets abroad. Recently, visitors buyer Dubai, Pakistan and Hong Kong, USA, UK, France visited the Lakme India Fashion Week Show and got the attention, these buyers will see an opportunity to wear western Indian crux of the matter.

3. Tree chance: Indian textile industry is well-known for their excellence and attractive colors for many years more than 5,000 years and have attracted experts from around the world. Textiles India’s stand on the second excellent craftsmanship of the Indian weaver. Skill weaving skillful fingers sketching designs and produces models, is a great skill, which has been offered through the generations from father to son, from time immemorial, also regional areas have particular kinds of dressings and accompaniments offering new attention. Skill regional art, the generation of skills in art, new screen printing and computer programs for the new digital technology brings ever green opportunities in India and the emergence of a global center for art and design soon.

4. innovative efforts taken by the Government of

. The applications of the project cost of Rs. 18 467 crore has been approved in the amount of financing of Rs. 8505 crore, under the Technology Up-gradation Fund Schemes (TUFS), Ministry of Textiles, India. For weaving and processing sector of the interest subsidy has also been added under the TUFS, which guarantee the production and export of high-quality value-added products.

. Apparel Export Parks, Centers and Textile Infrastructure Development Scheme, de-reservation of the field of clothing, specialized textile parks, EOU & EPZ was established

. Rise ceilings and FDI investment is freely allowed in the textile sector

. Improve productivity and quality of cotton, introduced the Cotton Technology Mission

. Reduction of basic customs duty on selected textile machinery and spare parts

. The other excise duty on Textiles and textile goods (AT & T) and Additional Excise (Goods of Special Importance) Act have been eliminated

. Reduction of excise duty polyester filament yarn

. The Government’s policy of liberalization and supports innovative over the past couple of years has demonstrated tremendous growth

. The Government has adopted to simplify the procedures and formalities to exporters.

. A versatile production system in a small batch of the ruling Indian textile industry and is able to handle better deformation requirements.

. Investments Jacquard Weaving & Printing will increase India’s textile industry, these high-value-added products more importance on the world market

. Market Development Assistance (MDA) is a further move better marketing focus on Latin America, Africa and Asia Pacific regions

. with countries such as Sri Lanka, Mercosur, Singapore, South Africa, Bangladesh, Thailand and China etc. series of special trade agreements have been signed which controls India’s exports of rapid growth.

. Employment Generation:

Textile industry itself has an opportunity to create 1.2 crore during the employment opportunity for the next five years. The Government will continue to encourage growth within the textile industry because it has a huge potential for job creation and exports.

Prospecting Market

According to a study by Mc Kinsey, India could be a major supplier of the EU after the EU and the US markets post the quota system. Although the market share of the quota system in the post-defining bases on the various actions to be taken to keep the US and the EU, it is accepted that there would be a certain rely on China, which would limit the market share of China’s growing global market.

India’s textile exports are projected to touch US $ 15 billion in fiscal 2005-2006 from US $ 13.6 billion last year. This includes a significant part of the main chains outsourced. Exports are expected to touch US $ 50 billion by the year 2010, which accounted for clothes is more than US $ 25 billion dollars. Targeted segmented market for Indian textiles and clothing are the United States, UAE, UK, Germany, France, Italy, Russia, Canada, Bangladesh and Japan.

Real hair wigs and hair extensions – the latest fashion trends of the day

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Today, in this situation, which is a beautiful wigs in fashion and also make a major fashion statement for everyone, including people who are suffering from some kind of skin disease or a disease such as cancer , there are wigs, there are some who do not intend to let them feel the complex when interacting with others. In addition, there are so many online stores that offer you a variety of wigs, as per the requirement. Now you can find a top-of-the-line technology is best for your needs; it is important to have a human hair wig is that they are best suited to your taste and add a sense of style to you. Human hair wigs appreciated by both men and women to apply for a different look that will look more natural and yet elegant. Hair accessories are also available in the market serve you the best of it, every single person wants to be human hair wigs that looks and feels like real hair, which is the goal of course.

There are so many people who have a problem losing hair that is somewhere makes them publicly complex, but now they are going to face such situations, because they have all kinds of wigs add style personality and they also feel younger and good. Many people go back and forth weather to get wigs or not, but they can now go on is this, this is something that it is preferable to be also one can afford. Talking about the varieties then there is definitely a lot of varieties is, the choices are almost endless. Coming to the variety then there is a real hair wigs, which are in demand in most people, because they seem natural, and even better than the synthetic hair wig, the well will be the choice depends on what you want your wig and how you are going to use it and how much time you can use to take care of.

The majority of the actual wigs consist of Asian hair, and most of the wigs came from the jaw, in principle, most of the high-quality hair comes from India and Pakistan. Quality hair that comes from these places are thick, soft and black, in order to make the best possible use of straight black hair, even if it is curly hair bleaching process takes several steps. The best quality wigs comes from Russia and Poland, and it costs more than Asian hair wigs, they are softer and demand too much. Because women are more likely wigs that look real and also feels soft to touch, and also easily manageable. It is important to ensure when buying a wig you should know where it came from before too much of it. It is best to find the real hair wig so that you feel your hair with thin.

Real wigs are very friendly to the skin, because they breathe, so that it is not going to affect the scalp much more. Another variety of wigs are synthetic wigs, these are mostly used by so many people, and therefore they have different styles, such as wigs, which are used in some shows and theme parties like Halloween, where the inferior quality fibers are used, these wigs are cheap and look like a wig. It’s not everyday use and everyday use are needed wig that looks natural. All designers use for high quality fiber synthetic wigs, which looks very stylish and also very beautiful so this is mainly used by celebrities and designers also because it looks very realistic and also very expensive.

There are a lot of good brands such as Revlon, Aspen, and many others to get that natural yet stylish that will give your personality a different look at a reasonable price. Synthetic wigs can be washed to keep the style, and also it can get a cheaper price. It is good for those who do not want to use wigs every day, because they always go for synthetic wigs to add more style and also to try something new and looks different, and it is also good to have a variety of wigs with different hair styles and color instead of going for a regular wig. young people and become part of a symbol of style and wearable fashion to emphasize modernity. Ii to increase the volume, increase the length, and add the highlights and the hair style. Another thing to keep in mind is that; Remy hair to go, because this is the best hair extensions and also use up to people. Remy hair from India and Europe, because they are soft in structure and also taken good care of them, because it can be a fine and styled in such a way that it looks completely natural, since it consists of real hair and also add style to it. Synthetic hair extensions are small not manageable, and not as soft as real hair; this is a fake made of hair, and needs more care to manage, since this requires a style of tools to manage and prevent it from overheating, and this is used for many purposes, such as sometimes, it is really difficult to afford Remy hair extensions, so this can be used in this case. It is about hair extensions, as they are a prerequisite for modern society, and also to keep alive the style mode.

Benefits in terms of quality you will get Buying Designer Shoes

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men care a lot of reputation and personality. The appearance and quality of the shoes and the clothes men wear to determine the personality of men. Men are now plenty of reasons to turn to designers in their wardrobe. Every designer brand is your reputation, mind and perception, depending on the quality among the people, so the brand you want to dress says a lot about your personality in the end. Men must have a peculiar brand because they wear the right brand would create the right impression. Designer shoes may cost more than the local shoe, but there is a lot of difference in the quality as well.

Designer Footwear Quality

Before, shoes really go making a thorough background investigation, which takes place at first enter the production stage. The right to the soles, the right jump, right loose, the quality of the products should be top notch. Probably, it is the reason why designer shoes last longer. These shoes will last longer and are worth the investment. It is better to buy a pair of designer shoes than to buy a pair of shoes with no loss of quality.

Right Shoes Couple

Shopping the right shoes to pair with the appropriate quality can be tricky and tough as different designers have their market and it is difficult to choose one. Lots of options could be you spoiled for choice. It can be a daunting task to choose a designer footwear is your best choice. Pick the right the best you should choose the most stylish designer shoes brand, it can not go heavy on your pocket. However, it takes all the worries of maintenance and durability you look like a shoe.

Search The Designer Shoes

Among the selection of Men’s designer shoes, you should use the online facility through the online portals of different designer footwear websites. You can easily crawl through the different shoes, boots and other footwear designer, who make half of the shopping experience easy. Their ease of return and change policy, comfort and durability designer shoes become very convenient to buy. So buy designer shoe fits your style and convenience is the right choice for men.

look for the finest and most reliable designer men’s shoes should read this article and I am fully confident that it will help you a lot.

4 The fashionable styles for men, leather jacket

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When you head out of the market, you will be surprised to find a variety of clothing options these days. There is an infinity of styles and colors for most clothing. You could buy them all, if we had a king-sized closet and a millionaire father, but because most people do not have both and prefer to be smart when choosing which clothes to buy their daily use, it is best to mix and match clothing unique look. One of such articles is leather jackets for men.

Men’s leather jackets can go to gloves, boots and pants will give you a similar look to the model. Here are some styles that you can try to pull away with a leather jacket.

1) The classic dark blue jeans and black jacket: One of the oldest styles of compatible clothes to get the look is handsome black jacket with matching jeans. Years old, it does not mean that this style is from the Middle Ages. This style is your favorite biker and has been used for over a decade. Dark colors complement each other to earn the admiration of all. As well as leather jackets and jeans are tough clothes, they are mostly worn along with hiking and bike tours. Shoes, black boots would complete rider look. Even the brown boots look good with dark blue jeans and a black jacket.

2) Light blue jeans with light brown jacket: Light colors also look good on some. Light blue jeans with light brown leather jacket is a beautiful combination of men, with light brown hair. Brown, flight and bomber jackets also look good on light blue jeans especially in the winter. These colors are also ideal for men in the summer, because of the scorching heat can be unbearable on the road.

3) black jeans and a black jacket: In contrast to the jeans, if the combination of black jacket with black jeans, you get a bad boy look. Add a black belt, and get even more dashing look. These are ideal for tall men with fair skin. Same-colored jeans and a jacket to provide “one-piece look”, and show the height of a man very attractive manner. Hollywood movies and TV shows are full of entertainers who use black jeans and jacket. This style was popularized by movies like “The Matrix” and personalities like wrestler The Undertaker.

4) Dark blue jeans and a dark brown jacket: This style owes its popularity Hugh Jackman’s ‘Wolverine’ character X-Men movie. This combination gives a good-looking, especially for men with dark brown hair. Dark brown shoes also go very well with these clothes.

Compatible sensible clothes is a great way to dress up the road. Except for the above, there are numerous other ways to meet men in leather jackets other clothing is. You can do together belts, shoes, leather gloves and leather jackets. The possibilities are endless; all you need is your creativity and fashion sense.

Be Fashion Bee!

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It has been said that the way a person dresses is a manifestation of their personality, style, and their true self. Before you desire a certain fashion is very important to understand the true essence of fashion and how fashion market works. Fashion is a very important part of life. It is to improve the quality of life and, like all it’s worth doing.

If you want to be a fashion bee just believe in yourself, listen to your heart and follow the instructions!

1) If you want to dress to impress everyone around and look for a charismatic, an important thing to keep in mind is always clothing that fits you well, and would rather clean clothing hat is very depressed.

2) Always be wary when choosing the color of the dress, dark colors night they attract attention very quickly, so use them wisely and only the most flattering parts of the body while lighter shades of the morning to make you a refined and elegant.

3) Avoid wearing flashy clothes, except for a party.

4) The neck is one of the most fascinating parts of the body. If you do not have a long neck, wear thin V-neck top which makes the neck appear longer and is usually very flattering.

5) If you are fat, black is the best color for you, because it makes you look slim and is the most outbound color.

6) Carry a good shoulder bag; at night you can carry the bag of glossy, which gives you the perfect look.

7) tassels and an association of luxury boom is back, you can attach tassels to your neck or cuffs borders. It is a decorative jewel and symbol of status, should not be attached to the tops, but they seem pretty well-connected hand bags as well.


) We have all become accustomed to wearing skinny pants or cigarettes. But it is time to change and wear Cropped pants or Capri pants. You can use them as a kitten heels or pumps up. They have the windy summers and very nice.

9) Cat spectacles revive the early fifties. They are back in trend and can work amazingly for a square shaped face or diamond shape face. They are one of the best variety of accessory used.

You can make a difference, if you believe in yourself, it’s just a matter of some time to add up the souls and get ready to be a fashion bee.

Wholesale buying opportunities in The New York Fashion District

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There are many wholesale buying opportunities in New York Fashion District. The district, also known as the New York Garment Center consists of designers, importers, wholesale showrooms and wholesalers who specialize in clothes, and the related way. Fashion The area is centered around 34th ave s, and the seventh, and stretches all the way down to 23 st. Although flourished you can find some of the most vibrant garment manufacturers located around the 7th Avenue, most of the actual manufacturing is now done overseas, in countries such as China, Mexico, Bangladesh, and Pakistan. You can still find the manufacturing operations carried out in New York, but higher labor costs, that production is generally high-end labels that charge a fee, which the designers who produce smaller runs or clothing brands that have been able to provide clothes based on the demand for boutiques and department stores.

When you are looking for wholesale clothing in New York City’s Garment district you need to understand a variety of clothing sellers that you will encounter. Understanding and knowing the requirements that each seller has to help you maximize your time and make the best wholesale purchasing decisions. While it may seem daunting at first, to explore the area can be very lucrative, which is why you see the buyers ranging from Nigerian boutique owners in China for importers to spend time there.

Corporate Showrooms:
The incorporation of the showroom is an office, which is part of a great designer such as Tahari and Jones New York. Their offices they will show you samples of their latest styles and taking orders based on the current production season. Corporate showrooms tend to limit their sales in national department stores such as Macy’s, Bloomingdale’s and JC Penney.

Designer Showrooms:
Designer showrooms may vary internationally renowned designers and coming designers who may share Office software. Although it can be challenging for the owner of a small shop to work opportunities for planners, there can be some pretty good wholesale dealing with new designers. They will be happy to have a relationship with a new store or wholesaler who is willing to carry the clothes, and even buy over-production and store returns.

Jobber is a representative of the company who is looking for closeout deals clothes and then stores them around his list closeout buyers. Even if you work with a broker you have the advantage to work with someone who might know where to find merchandise which otherwise would not know.

importer usually either a manufacturer of clothing abroad and bringing them to his New York clothes in the store, or clothing, which she buys the actual producers. Importer can furnish your store brand new clothes at very low prices, but you must be careful to ensure that the quality meets the requirements, and that you are buying authentic and licensed merchandise, if it carries a brand name.

Amazing Winter Clothing ideas for women

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Winter clothing usually gives a picture of bulky turtleneck sweaters, parkas, scarves, bomber jackets, robes and all. But dressing in layers is not to look bulkier. If you are looking for something smart winter outfits, which keep cozy looking too big, so here we go!


Start underwear. You can add the excess heat underwear without looking at unnecessary bulkier winter. Camisoles are thin and one versatile pieces of clothing to keep you warm when worn over a bra. You can also choose body shapers because it is a great thin layer of protection from the cold and give a smooth, toned silhouette. In addition, full and half slips to give warmth to your bottom while wearing skirts or dresses.

Tights, Leggings

Generally gams tend to go bare when wearing dresses and skirts in the spring and summer season. However, for the cold weather is a need to cover your feet up. Stockings, tights and leggings can be worn with dresses, skirts and trousers. When the temperature of the cold arrives, a pair of leggings or tights can significantly increase the heat with your feet when a pair of pants.

hooded jackets, waistcoats Cardigans and

vests and cardigans are must-haves for layering women’s winter clothes. Vest or cardigan can be worn with a sweater or worn alone added warmth indoors or spend time outdoors. Jackets come in many styles and varieties– ideal for business casual dress or simply casualwear. Hooded sweatshirts, cardigans and vests are cool winter dress ideas that can be used in place of a jacket. You can buy a fashionable hooded jackets, vests and jackets online shopping stores.


Probably the last grandma used to make knitted sweaters you bulkier, but nowadays, sweaters come in a wide variety of styles in slim-fit models. Sweaters latest models offer the same heat without giving too much bulkiness. So, choose a stylish blouse, which provides convenience, comfort and femininity at the same time the suit. Button trimmed turtleneck sweater and long sleeves cable sweater cardigan few smart choices this season.


Winter coats are considered to be the most bulky items, which are traditionally used in active sports such as ski clothing. This outerwear must be a myriad of bright colors and styles and can go less bulky winter coats that offer extreme heat in style. Wool coats, leather jackets, denim jackets and fleeces are a few smart choices this winter.

So these are some of the winter clothes ideas that are sure to help you keep warm without looking too big. They are certainly a good investment for winter clothing that should last a few years. So, start shopping in the winter right now, because before Ole sub-zero temperatures will be nipping at your nose.

Satya Paul – History Around Big Indian Designer

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behind the designer created a global brand Satya Paul originally Leigha, Pakistan and came to India division of the country. Satya Paul is one of the pioneering designers in the global fashion industry which was established designer brand of the same name in 1985. He was particularly renowned weavers with their own villages to turn into a professional designer products.

In 1985, Satya Paul is one of the leading brand in the clothing of the international presence in India. The label celebrated ingenuity in the design and vibrant colors, known for sensual feminine pieces, signature prints and timeless style. The brand has evolved over the years, is world renowned Indian fashion brand, ubiquitous in 27 locations in India and abroad in selected high street boutiques. Developing the brand to international fashion brand is based mainly on the fact that the Satya Paul has always responded proactively to the whole environment.

Carefully crafted collections are always focused on the theme, which is the trendy and fashion forward, is completely up to date with the current season styles and trends. India created every fashion design group mirrors impulsive, vital colors, distinctive patterns and the outlines and the grand creativity.

variety of Satya Paul womenswear takes place in a gorgeous, gorgeous including the Indian couture, ready to wear fashion, beautiful Indian sarees and large diversity of India Other fashion accessories such as clutches, scarves and handbags. Menswear label in particular, focuses on trendy and modern accessories business and casual occasions. Provides for men range from cufflinks and belts wallets and ties.

In addition, the menswear and womenswear, the Indian designer label creates a beautiful Indian bridal sarees and collections such as Lehengas bright colors, gorgeous embroidery and sophisticated designs. Each garment exudes the incredible beauty, elegance and resplendence in every way, which meets every imagination of the woman about your bridal wear.

Satya Paul Signature Series embodies the idea of ​​a low-key luxury every piece created wonderful prints, ornaments sensual fabrics and materials and flawless workmanship. Each item is given Signature store unrepeated attention and thoughtfulness. In addition, trade will host the exclusive and limited edition Satya Paul designs incorporating customized services to all customers in comfort. The first Satya Paul Signature store was inaugurated DLF Emporio Mall in New Delhi. A diffusion line ‘Satya’ shows some of the finest models of the prints. The line focuses on selected design and affordability of emotions seeks saree market.

What is the difference between the Indian and Pakistani Wedding Dresses?

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This is a good question. What is the difference between a traditional Pakistani wedding dresses and traditional Indian wedding dresses for the bride? Well, both are impressive. Traditional wedding dresses worn by both countries are rich in red color. It means love and happiness to the couple. The bride looks so elegant and beautiful and colorful appearance only leaves one speechless.

Many features of the dress is minutely observed at the same time. These are professional designers. The material is mostly chiffon, silk and some brides also prefer cotton zari, georgette or crape material. They have a lot of embroidery work on them. This can be a mirror, pearl and cutwork. What models are many from which to choose. The cost is very high, depending on the material and design. Sometimes it’s a hard decision is made. It is not strange that family and friends often get involved in this decision and help the bride chose a suitable dress. Those who have money to throw around to spend a huge amount is the bride’s dress. But you can buy a graceful dress for a very reasonable price. When all is considered the main attraction of the bride for her wedding.

The traditional wedding dress is a must for the bride Indian or Pakistani wedding. These are mostly saris, gaghra choli, salwar kameez and. Brides are expected to have their faces hidden in the veil. Some Muslim brides prefer to use burkah. Sometimes it can take not days but months to order, design, and finally dress. Indian and Pakistani wedding dresses are very different from other cultures.

The bride is intended to be used in gold, diamond and other jewelry. He wears a lot of make up too much. Also, you want the bride to decorate their hands and feet with mehndi or henna. These are mostly floral patterns created by professional artists. If you ever attend these weddings you will find that it was indeed a memorable event.

Is there any difference in between the Indian and Pakistani wedding dresses.